victorian home plans
victorian home plans

Victorian Home Plans Have a Firmly Set Design

     Victorian home plans became popular in the late 1800's and were considered an elegant style.  This design has continued to evolve with the trends of the time and is still looked at as a sophisticated house plan.  Distinct characteristics cause Victorian home plans to stand out from other house plan styles.
     Victorian home plans exteriors will typically have detailed ornamentation, including carvings, wrap around porches, multiple roof lines, pointed gables and they are always clapboard.  Victorian homes are usually one color with white trim and some have octagonal towers.  The interior of Victorian home plans has large rooms with vaulted ceilings.  The walls are generally a brighter color with white trim and the ceilings are three shades lighter than the walls.  Decorative moldings or carvings often surround the chandeliers.  Usually the staircase inside Victorian home plans curves to the top floor.

     Victorian home plans have a very distinguished style and each original characteristic of the design is usually used for all Victorian houses. can show you plans that represent traditional designs used when the style was first built as well as Victorian home plans with a modern flare on the original qualities.

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