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Get Efficiency With Simple House Plans. Plus, choose from modular home plans for your vacation homes...

House plans are needed for every type of home, and simple house plans are no exception.  Simple house plans do not include the luxurious style of some homes or the extravagant designs with multiple bedrooms, guest rooms and entertainment areas.  A simple home features the basic necessities of a house.

Simple house plans include bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living areas and any other specialty rooms you might want and the space in each room and between rooms is used very efficiently.  A good simple house plan will have well thought out flow from room to room and very little space will be wasted.  And while "simple" may seem to imply "small", this is untrue for many simple house plans.  A simple house can be a fairly large home as well, it is just lacking the extra rooms a luxury house may have for show.

At SimpleHome they feature a great variety of simple house plans.  Whether you are building a simple home on the lake or beach, in an urban area or a secluded lot, this site has a style that will fit your location.

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