ranch house plans
ranch house plans

Ranch House Plans Represent American Tradition

     The common and simple characteristics used on ranch house plans make this class of homes a very traditional style.  Ranch house plans are most commonly single story homes with a low pitched roof which runs parallel to the street.  The simple ranch house plans designs are long and narrow with the long dimension facing the front.  A porch and two car garage are also
commonly included in ranch house plans.  Ranch house plans are one of the most popular styles of homes in the United States.
     Ranch house plans have very little detailed decorations on the exterior.  Most exteriors of ranch house plans limit the decorations to large windows with shutters and porch roof supports.  Ranch house plans are commonly built from many natural materials, therefore you will find that most have wood or brick exteriors.  The interior of ranch house plans are open and use space efficiently.  Following the traditional ranch house plan style of using natural materials, wood is often used for the interior floors.

     Architectural Designs has a large variety of ranch house plans.  This site has ranch house plans with varying square footage, exterior designs, number of rooms and other characteristics you can choose from.

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