passive solar house plans
passive solar house plans

Virtually No Energy Costs with Passive Solar House Plans

     Passive solar house plans are achieved by building a home that uses no external mechanical energy sources.  Many passive solar house plans are built with mud bricks which have excellent absorption qualities.  Through these bricks, solar radiation is absorbed during the day and slowly released during cool nights.
     If the idea of passive solar house plans is new to you, visit  JC solar homes.  This site has extensive information on where the idea of passive solar energy originated, how it is used today and numerous varieties of house plans you can use to create your own passive solar home.
     Passive solar house plans are beneficial in a number of ways and there is a growing variety of styles and designs you can build using the passive energy source.  Passive solar homes have the potential to have no heating or cooling bills and building these houses is usually low cost.  The process of creating passive solar house plans must be specific to a building site.  The direction the house will face and where the sun hits it throughout the day determines how your home plan will be laid out.  Passive solar house plans must be coordinated with the movement of the sun in each particular location.

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