one story house plans
one story house plans

One Story House Plans Come in All Shapes and Sizes

     One story house plans available in any style and can broadcast either a simple, homely look or a luxurious, elegant style.  Your options are limitless as to the additions you can make to any one story house plan.  While some styles of house plans may traditionally be two floors, they can, of course, be modified to one story house plans and still have the same general design.
     The most common of one story house plans in America are ranch style homes.  This style is often used for one story homes because of its overall simplicity and flexibility.  One story house plans with a ranch style design can be created in any degree of luxury.
     To find one story house plans, search for any site that has house plans to view online.  Narrow your search by selecting to view only one story plans.  All sizes of one story house plans are online with varying numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, recreational areas, garage stalls and living spaces.

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