modular home floor plans
modular home floor plans

 A New Era of Homebuilding, Modular Home Floor Plans

     Modular home floor plans do not differ visually from other homes, but the way each is built is contrasting.  A modular home is built in panels or sections in a factory then shipped to the building site and pieced together.
     Each section is built in the factory complete with interior designs as well in most cases.  Because of new building technology, modular home floor plans style and designs are just as diverse as site built home floor plans.
     Modular home floor plans have several advantages over other home building selections.  When compared to a house of comparable size built on site, a modular home cost less overall and is usually completed quicker.  Modular home floor plans are designed to be extremely energy efficient, cutting heating and cooling bills up to 50%.  These paneled houses are more durable than any home design.  They can withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, strong wind and snow.

     A modular home floor plan can be designed for any size or style house.  Most modular home builders allow the customer to make all design selections. The Modular Center has information on modular homes and floor plans.

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