mansion floor plans
mansion floor plans

Traditional vs. Modern Mansion Floor Plans

     By definition, mansion floor plans are 2,500 square feet or larger and they are, of course, multi-leveled.  Mansion floor plans are available with any type of exterior design and finish.  Whether the theme of the mansion floor plans are traditional or modern, they always feature many luxurious rooms.
     Typical mansion floor plans will include high ceilings and several entertainment areas, such as a grand ballroom or in modern mansions, home theaters.  Other inclusions on the interior are loft rooms, a grand entry way, lounges, sophisticated libraries, large master bedroom and bathroom, and many guest suites, each with an individual theme.
     The exterior of mansion floor plans have large, porches and balconies that often wrap around the house.  A pool or pools with cabanas and lounging area often accompany the outside of mansion floor plans.  Renderings Now has unique luxury mansion floor plans.
     Existing mansions have floor plans following the traditional style, almost identical to that used in “Gone with the Wind.”  If you are building a mansion today, a more modern, upbeat mansion floor plan design will probably be used.  The modern mansion floor plans still include the same fancy rooms, but they may be utilized or decorated in a different style.

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