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Kitchen Floor Plans to Efficiently Fit Your Space. Here are some comfy and cozy floor plans that are wide and spacious...

Kitchen floor plans have nearly endless variations.  One tip for kitchen floor plan is to be sure to have a good flow between the refrigerator, the sink and the cook top.  You also want to consider the use of your kitchen and choose a plan that will provide the proper amount of work space.  Here are some common layouts for kitchen floor plans.  One will most likely fit your needs or you can modify it more.

U-shape kitchen floor plans have efficient cabinet storage on three walls along with work stations on each wall.  The L-shape plan is more space efficient, but it is used more for large kitchens.  It also provides three counter top work stations.  Next are island kitchen floor plans which include a free standing island.  The island is usually built with a cook top, sink or butcher block.  This design is also used for large kitchens.

For small spaces use the galley kitchen floor plan that features parallel walls with work space on each side.  Another space saving layout, commonly used for vacation homes and small apartments is the one wall plan.  The title is self explanatory to the actual layout; one wall which includes the work station, cook top and sink.

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