free bird house plans
free bird house plans

Find Free Bird House Plans and Build Your Own

     Finding free bird house plans will start you on your way to creating a fun addition to your front or back yard.  Building a bird house will attract the animals directly to your yard.  This hobby is desirable and beneficial for many reasons, such as birdwatching, photography and natural insect control.

     Online there are several sites with free bird house plans that are both simple and complex designs. has several free bird house plans and they give instructions and diagrams to help you build your own.  On most sites with free bird house plans you can print out diagrams of plans and instructions.  Most bird house designs are made from wood.
     The free bird house plans can be a great addition to your landscape architecture.  For a more complex design for your bird house, find web sites that have building tips telling you how to consider elements such as entrance positioning, ventilation, and interior sizing.

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