craftsman style home plans
craftsman style home plans

All-American Craftsman Style Home Plans

     Made from natural materials, Craftsman style home plans emphasize comfort and utility.  The Craftsman style was developed early in the 20th century as a downplay from the popular and elaborate Victorian style.  Craftsman style home plans are used not only for houses but can also be found as the general layout of apartment buildings as well.
     The exteriors of Craftsman style home plans have either wood sidings, stone or a combination of the two.  The foundation of these homes is built with stone.  Other elements that distinguish Craftsman style home plans from other plans are the shed dormers, masonry chimney, exposed beams, overhanging eaves and triangular shaped pieces in the gables.
     Craftsman style home plans commonly have large porches in the front with large columns.  The windows of Craftsman homes have divided lights in the upper sash and single light in the lower sash. will give you a general summary of characteristics of Craftsman style home plans.  This site will refer you to several renowned sites that have a great selection of Craftsman home plans.

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