castle floor plans
castle floor plans

Building Castle Floor Plans in Modern Times

     The design of castle floor plans has evolved into modern times and is now often classified as a luxury home.  Most people think of gothic, medieval castle floor plans, but that design of castles are not the most popular style used today.  Some people are still interested in capturing the medieval time era with castles resembling those built during that time.  
Medieval castle floor plans were built for protection against any intruders and had features such as a drawbridge, strong, reinforced stone walls, and a moat surrounding it.
     Castle floor plans today have some type of structural influence from royal European castles, such as the Irish or English.  The castle floor plans designed with modern style still have structures that provide privacy and safety from unwanted guests.  If you are wanting to build a home from castle floor plans you will first need to learn the building site requirements and restrictions because a castle has features that may not follow the rules of some residential areas.  You need a fairly large amount of land to begin building a castle.
     If you are just beginning to learn about castle floor plans, search the internet for helpful information.  You will find that many of the castle floor plans sites have message boards where you can post questions, comments, suggestions and concerns about the subject.

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