cape cod floor plans
cape cod floor plans

Common Cape Cod Floor Plans

     Cape cod floor plans were widely developed during the 1930's and have continued to be popular among homeowners.  Cape cod residences are usually built with two levels of living area, and a steep wood shingle roof with little ornamentation and overhangs.  The steep roofs allow room for extra storage or living space.
     These floor plans have a wood frame built into it and are in a symmetrical design with the front door in the center.  The second living level of cape cod floor plans are commonly 40%-75% of the space on the lower level.  The plans include a center chimney which provides central access to fireplaces in adjoining rooms.  The center chimney also provides ventilation.  The interior of a cape cod floor plan is usually designed with hardwood floors.
     Cape cod floor plans have been popular and commonly used for decades.  The floor plan provides a small and economical house plan.  The cozy feeling a cape cod floor plan brings is often accompanied by a large covered porch for an additional homely, rural look.

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